24/7 Time Lapse Camera Surveillance

24/7 Time Lapse Camera Surveillance

Time Lapse Security Surveillance

At SASA Guard, we also offer construction time lapse cameras so that you can better monitor your construction site and assets over an extended period of time. Our high-quality time lapse videos are professional-grade, and they can help you assess environmental changes, manage projects remotely, and even monitor on-site safety protocols. Plus, we are able to offer this feature using the footage from your site surveillance system, meaning there’s no need for additional equipment or camera systems at your construction site.

Another thing that our time lapse services at SASA Guard are great for is showcasing and marketing your property. With our state-of-the-art time lapse technology, you can watch construction progress at a spectacular rate, making it perfect for social media, or you may even decide it’s an excellent gift for your client to show them their construction project from conception to completion! Beyond the marketing angle, our construction time lapse cameras are just a superior way to store your month’s worth of footage in general because you can more easily review, pinpoint, and analyse the unfolding events.

When you choose SASA Guard for our time lapse services, you can expect weekly backups, regular camera checks, periodic lens cleanings, ongoing proofing, and final editing of your video footage. In order to for our team at SASA Guard to create an optimised time lapse video, we require a minimum of six months of footage from our client’s construction sites. Plus, we can even add your company logo to the time lapse video to give it that extra professional touch.

So, if you’re searching for a way to condense your surveillance footage and compile it into a high-quality time lapse video, look no further than our professional time lapse services. Contact our experts to get started today, and remember, at SASA Guard, we are here for all of your surveillance needs!

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