24/7 Construction Site Camera Surveillance

24/7 Construction Site Camera Surveillance

Security Surveillance – Anytime, Anywhere.

Monitor, manage, and protect your worksite and high-value assets with a construction security surveillance solution from SASA Guard. We offer solar-powered, wireless security camera systems customised to your needs so you can take control of your worksite – even when you’re not physically there. With our technology, you can always see who’s on-site, identify intrusions immediately, and review incidents in real time with the click of a button.

Have you experienced theft on your worksite recently? Over the past few years, theft throughout Southern Australia has become a bigger issue, with more and more business owners having to replace tools, materials, and equipment each season. In fact, residential builders with an annual turnover of $1M or greater are three times more likely to experience theft or vandalism in South Australia! Without proper surveillance in place, you’re leaving your worksite unprotected, which may result in hefty replacement costs for stolen assets and even construction delays due to this thievery.

At SASA Guard, our technology makes it easier than ever to monitor, investigate, and safeguard your construction site from anywhere, at any time. With features like 24/7 remote live viewing, push notifications of intrusions to your PC software or phone, and a long-lasting battery, our construction security surveillance solutions are perfect for securing your valuable assets and property. Plus, our dual camera setup provides crystal clear recording, while our built-in dual lights and sirens will help deter thieves and vandals. When you choose SASA Guard for your construction site cameras, you will not only gain a personalised, top-of-the-line security system for your workplace but, ultimately, the peace of mind you deserve.

At SASA Guard we are leading the way with our innovative surveillance and security technologies. If you’re interested in finding out more or have an enquiry get in touch with us today. We are ready and waiting to assist with any Construction Site Cameras or Time Lapse Cameras queries!

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